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The website and the services contained in it are provided by Istituto Commercio Braidese (IS.CO.B.), consortium under specific Italian legislation with legal residence in Bra, Piazza G. Giolitti 8, 12042 Italy, fiscal code 00585090046 – VAT number 00585090046 .

To access the services provided by you must be aged over 18 years old or in any case be able to act in accordance with law. If you request services provided by on behalf of a company you must have the power of attorney for that company. Subscribing to our website and, in any case, clicking on the “Accept” button at the end of the purchasing process of one of the services provided by, you confirm to accept the present General Conditions of the services.

For any request of information or complaint, you could directly address to IS.CO.B. offices in Bra, Piazza G. Giolitti, 8 – 12042 Italy, or write an email to the following address:




1.1.    To have access to one of the services provided by our website (from now on also referred to as “our website”), you must register and sign up and, doing so, you accept that the business relationship between you and will be regulated by the present General Conditions. The present General Conditions constitute integral part of the supply contract stipulated between you, as a registered member of our website and We invite you, thus, to carefully read the present General Conditions, to print them and, in any case, to keep a copy of them also on an IT device.

1.2.    Your use of the services provided by is conditioned by your full compliance with the present General Conditions and with the delivery and payment conditions published from time to time on our website; as also by your full compliance with any further terms and conditions concerning the supply of the services when explicitly stated, by your full compliance with guidelines or usage indications from time to time published on our website concerning services. All the Conditions contained in every single Specific Offer are intended with the present provision explicitly referred to and incorporated in the present General Conditions.

1.3.    Except from the present General Conditions, if the supply of services in your favor by consists of delivery of goods, by accepting the present General Conditions you confer to, which accept, explicit mandate to conclude on your behalf and in the name of, the delivery contract of goods in compliance with the supplied service. During the carrying out of the delivery service will not be responsible of the actions of the delivery companies designated by us to fulfill the task in your favor; will be responsible only for the negligence in the communication of instructions and not for the actions of individuals in charge. In order that the delivery task will be correctly carried out you are duty-bound to provide in due time all the goods needed and all the instructions and information to successfully fulfill the delivery. It is agreed that you will be responsible of every consequences concerning the wrong, late or incomplete dispatch of documents or information.

1.4.    We remind you that reserves the right to discretionally change, modify, extend, delete or simply update, at any time, fully or partially, the present General Conditions and if these will end up to be more restrictive and/or less advantageous for the User, we will give the news to all the Users through the Home Page of our website at least thirty days before the changes enter in to force. During that notification thirty days period the previous conditions will be applicable. Passed by that period, the new General Conditions will be definitively published on the present section of our website and will be meant accepted and fully effective towards any User that after the publication continued using the services of We ask you to regularly have access to this section to verify the publication of the newest and updated General Conditions.

1.5.    We inform you that the purchase of services provided by, fulfilled through IT means is regulated by the following Italian law “Decreto Legislativo 9 aprile 2003 n.70” on the subject of e-commerce and “Decreto Legislativo 6 settembre 2005 n.206” on the subject of distance sales.


2.1.    All the services published on our website each represent an invitation to submit to your order request for a specific service. Your request submitted to represents a contract proposal, which presumes your full and complete knowledge and approval of the present General Conditions.

2.2.    The reception by of your order Request will be confirmed to you through a reply sent from to the email address you specified during the signing up to our website. This reply has value of acceptance from of your order request. The e-mail sent to you will summarize the details of the products/services requested and the related prices; it will be your duty, as User, to verify the correctness of the data contained in the communication and immediately inform of possible inaccuracies.

2.3.    The contract between you and for the supply of the services specified in your order request is intended to be finalized only in the moment will send you the email with the summary of your order.

2.4.    In case will not be able to accept your order, you will be expressly informed with the same procedure stated it the previous article.


3.1.    At the moment of the signing up to our website you will be ask to give your personal data: (i) your name and surname, or, if you act on behalf of a company, the company name; (ii) your address, or the legal residence of you company; (iii) your fiscal code, or the VAT number of your company; (iv) your e-mail address.

3.2.    All the information, as in point 3.1, are mandatory and are needed by to fulfill its fiscal obligation. The lacking submission to of your information, will entail the impossibility to supply the required services.

3.3.    In addition to the information mentioned above, during the signing up to our website, or during the submission of an order, could require further information to improve the communication with you and ease the supply of services.

3.4.    If necessary to the fulfillment of the order it will be your duty sending to an adequate written mandate. Such mandate must contain a legible signature as required and a copy of a legal identity document. will not carry out your request until such mandate is not received.

3.5.    In any case, we inform that will accept your order request only when your payment for the service has been verified and received. If you have chosen the bank transfer as a method of payment, could fulfill your order only after you have sent the bank receipt for the transfer containing the CRO number, via fax or e-mail.


4.1.    The price of every single service supplied by changes according to the activities needed and are from time to time highlighted on our website in every offer page.

4.2.    You can pay for the purchased service with any of the methods highlighted from time to time on our website.

4.3.    The invoice will be sent via e-mail to the address from you specified during the signing up to our website; furthermore, every invoice issued by will be available on-line in you private Account page.


5.1.    After the purchase of a product/service and the confirmation of the received payment to, our staff will procede to the delivery of the good according to what stated in point 1.3 of the present Conditions. The shipment could occur online (via e-mail to the address specified by the User) only if the peculiarity of the purchased service allows this method. If the service/product cannot be delivered online it will be sent using the ordinary mail or registered mail or pony express according to the specific feature of the service and the choice expressed by the User during the purchasing procedure.


6.1.    In conformity with what stated in the articles 52,58,59 of the Decreto Legislativo 6 settembre 2005 n.206 “Italian Consumption Act”: the right of withdrawal is omitted if the execution has started with the explicit agreement of the consumer and with the agreement of the loss of the right of withdrawal following the full execution of the contract by the professional.


7.1.    Subscribing to our website, you will provide an e-mail address (from now on the “ID”) and a password for your private access (the “Password”), these information are strictly personal. Both the ID and the Password cannot be used by two or more desks at the same time and you cannot transfer them to third parties but under your full and exclusive responsibility. On this matter, we inform you that you will be held accountable of any action, transaction and/or fact occurred and /or accomplished through the use of you ID and/or Password. Being the User you are obliged to keep your ID and Password secret and you are compelled to inform, via registered mail or fax, about any use of those information not authorized by you in order that could suspend the supply of services towards your account.

7.2.    Without prejudice of what stated in the present General Conditions, cannot be held accountable, and be responsible directly or indirectly in any case for damages or losses of any kind provoked by your lack of respect for the disposal in the present article 6.

7.3., at its complete discretion and without notice, will be free to restrict the accesso of a User to his private Account and/or to suspend the activity of the ID and/or the password of a User, if believes that is occurring a substantial violation of the present General Conditions, and in particular of article 6, or when the User is acting illegally or incorrectly using the serviced of


8.1. at its complete discretion and without having to pay any kind of penalty or compensation for a loss, can suspend or close any Account (or part of it) belonging to a User of, or suspend or ban the User from using the services of, as also remove or delete the whole User Account or part of it together with everything contained in it, at any time and without notice, when technical requirements prerogative of will need it.


9.1.    A part from malice or serious guilt, in no other case, or its manager or employees could be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind and nature occurred to a User of


10.1.The contractual relationship between the User and could be at any time being shut down by, if praticasemplice identifies violations of the obligation committed by the User, as in the article 6 of the present General Conditions. In this case, except for the right of to disable the ID and/or Password of the User in accordance with clause 6.3, will send to the User – to the e-mail address provided by the User during the signing up process – a message specifying the intention of to dissolve the contract with the User.


11.1.As a User you will not have the right to transfer to a third party, in whole or in part, the contract stipulated with or the rights and/or the authority originated by these present General Conditions. on the contrary could transfer to third parties its right without any restriction.